Atlas V

NROL-42 delivered to orbit !

United Launch Alliance Atlas V (541) delivered today to orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office after launch from Vandenberg Air Force base SLC-3 launch site. Finally Atlas V proved to be ready during final inspection before launch – this time booster caused no issues like on original launch date when ground service team found and reported problems with faulty Continue Reading The post NROL-42 delivered to orbit ! appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

NROL-42 and Atlas V delayed

Launch of the classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed due the technical reasons connected with launch vehicle. Launch of the NROL-42 was planned for today at 05:38 UTC from LC-3E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Rocket was ready at the launch site with payload encapsulated and attached with fairing on September 16, 2017. Weather forecast were Continue Reading The post NROL-42 and Atlas V delayed appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

NROL-42 already on Friday

United Launch Alliance will deliver to orbit NROL-42 to orbit on Friday, September 22, 2017. Classified payload will be operated and controlled by National Reconnaissance Office intelligence satellite. Launch is planned for 05:38 UTC from SLC-3E launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force base in California. Payload will be satellite collecting radio signals from Molniya orbit for American intelligence. It will Continue Reading The post NROL-42 already on Friday appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

6th ULA mission in 2017 – NROL-42 – delayed !

Another mission for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed again. This time main, but not direct reason for postponing launch from September 14 to later date, was Irma hurricane which coming to Cape Canaveral. According to official statement of United Launch Alliance we will not see Atlas V 541 delivering to orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office on September 14. Company explained Continue Reading The post 6th ULA mission in 2017 – NROL-42 – delayed ! appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

TDRS-M launched!

United Launch Alliance managed to deliver to orbit on August 18th NASA’s third generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellite – TDRS-M. Atlas V lifted off from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral on August 18, at 12:29 UTC. Launch was delayed for 26 minutes due the technical problems with Centaur upper stage. RL-10C engine had problems with cooling, but ground service teams managed Continue Reading The post TDRS-M launched! appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]