Falcon-9 • Intelsat-35E

Intelsat 35e communications satellite with its high-throughput will provide broadband, video and mobile communications services over East Coast of the North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa. Satellite will be delivered to orbit on the top of the Falcon-9 rocket. The post Falcon-9 • Intelsat-35E appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

Ariane 5 • Inmarsat S-band/Hellas-Sat-3 & GSAT-17

During VA238 mission Arianespace will launch the Inmarsat S-band/Hellas-Sat 3 and GSAT 17 communications satellites. The Inmarsat S-band/Hellas-Sat 3 operate as part of the European Aviation Network and also will provide direct television broadcast services over Europe and Africa for Hellas-Sat. GSAT 17 is ISRO communications satellite and will provide various different communications services over India. The post Ariane 5 • Inmarsat S-band/Hellas-Sat-3 & GSAT-17 appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

PSLV • Cartosat-2E

Cartosat-2E is another high resolution imaging  satellite developed by ISRO and planned to be utilized by various Indian government agencies. Along with spacecraft PSLV rocket will deliver for orbit punch of small secondary payloads for international Customers. The post PSLV • Cartosat-2E appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

Falcon-9 • BulgariaSat-1

A SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket will deliver to orbit BulgariaSat 1 communications satellite; spacecraft will provide direct-to-home television services and will cover with its range southeast Europe. Satellite will be operated by Bulsatcom and it will be first geostationary communications satellite operated by a Bulgarian company. The post Falcon-9 • BulgariaSat-1 appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

Ariane 5 • ViaSat-2 & Eutelsat-172B

Arianespace will launch two communications satellites during VA237 mission. ViaSat-2 will provide broadband communication services including internet access for North, Central and northern South Americas. Eutelsat-172b will provide video broadcast and data network support for West Coast of the North America and Southeast Asia region, including internet access for passengers travelling across Pacific Ocean. The post Ariane 5 • ViaSat-2 & Eutelsat-172B appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]