Maciej Heyman

Tianzhou-1 after refueling session

Chinese robotic spacecraft performed successfully another refueling of Tiangong-2 space station after docking which followed lasting 12 weeks solo mission. Tianzhou-1 robotic spacecraft continues its mission started on 20 April 2017. After first sessions of refueling performed on April 24, 2017 and solo mission which lasted for 12 weeks, vehicle is facing next mission objectives. This time it was planned Continue Reading The post Tianzhou-1 after refueling session appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

CRS-12 Dragon Returns to Earth

After 30 days in space Dragon CRS-12 robotic cargo spacecraft undocked from Harmony module nadir docking port. SpaceX Dragon CRS-12 was launched on the top of the Falcon-9 rocket from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center on August 14, 2017, at 18:31 UTC. After lasting two days space chase it reached and docked to ISS harmony nadir docking port on August Continue Reading The post CRS-12 Dragon Returns to Earth appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

Finish after 20 years – Cassini crashes into Saturn

Yesterday first artificial satellite of Saturn finished its lasting 20 years mission with destructive landing on Saturn. Joint mission of NASA, ESA and Italian ASI space agency finally reached its end on Friday September 15, 2017. Cassini space probe launched on 15 October 1997 on the top of the Titan 401B/Centaur rocket crashed into Saturn after 162 targeted flybys of Saturn’s moons Continue Reading The post Finish after 20 years – Cassini crashes into Saturn appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

Short rendezvous of Tianzhou-1 and Tiangong-2

Chinese first robotic cargo spacecraft which docked to Tiangong-2 space station on April 22, 2017, performed recently another test rendezvous. Spacecraft was launched from Wenchang Space Center LC-2 launch site on the top of the Long March 7 rocket over seven months after delivering Tiangong-2 to orbit on September 15, 2016. After docking performed two days after launch, Tianzhou-1 performed series Continue Reading The post Short rendezvous of Tianzhou-1 and Tiangong-2 appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]

6th ULA mission in 2017 – NROL-42 – delayed !

Another mission for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed again. This time main, but not direct reason for postponing launch from September 14 to later date, was Irma hurricane which coming to Cape Canaveral. According to official statement of United Launch Alliance we will not see Atlas V 541 delivering to orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office on September 14. Company explained Continue Reading The post 6th ULA mission in 2017 – NROL-42 – delayed ! appeared first on SpaceFlights. [...]